We are a no smoking guest house and we welcome considerate smokers.  We have many regulars who are  considerate smokers who don't mind popping outside.  However there is always a small minority who spoil it for everyone else. So if anyone belonging to that small minority is reading this - please read on.

We are tired of people booking into our no smoking guest house getting into their rooms and promptly lighting up, then trying to cover their tracks by drenching the room in cheap perfume which makes it smell EVEN WORSE.

When people smoke in our rooms, in order to eradicate the smell we have to wipe the walls, ceiling and hard surfaces with flash and steam the curtains, soft furnishings and carpet.  We have also had to chuck away pillows and duvets before now, so bad was the smell and the cost of professional cleaning is equivalent to buying new so we end up replacing instead.  Thus we have a minimum £100 soiling charge which we WILL levy on anyone smoking in our rooms.

Don't spoil your holiday by booking with us if you intend to smoke in our rooms, just book in elsewhere - simples.  We will ask you to leave the moment we find you have smoked in our building, and take payment for the balance of the stay and the soiling charge.  It is in our Terms and Conditions and by booking with us you agree to them.