Going Green

There are a lot of buzz words out there: Sustainability, Fairtrade, Eco-friendly, it can be a bit bewildering! - but all you need to know is we are working towards buying stuff that is made with consideration to the environment.  We try not to be wasteful and we hope that by taking these steps future generations will get to enjoy the planet the way we do now.

Going Green

We are committed to making sure our guests have a lovely time, but we where ever possible try to do this in a way that minimises the impact on the environment by:

Minimising food waste by getting pre-orders for breakfasts, which also gives us the opportunity to use better quality produce, provide a better service for those with special dietary requirements and provide a more bespoke service.

Reducing Waste by recycling and passing on stuff that is no longer of use to us either via a swapping scheme, to a charity shop, or to Wolfwood Rescue centre.

Being more efficient in our use of energy by using low energy light bulbs.   Guest requested towel replacement.  We have invested heavily in insulating rooms and have recently fitted a super efficient electric boilers to run radiators on the top floor.  We have also had a combination boiler for other radiators in the building which is around 90% ( +) efficient -  we estimate this is saving about 40% on gas use. We have also fitted a Megaflow to feed the hotwater system and ensure there is hotwater at a good pressure on all floors. Keeping our taps serviced to avoid dripping and wasting water.  Most of the savings that can be made are through investment in the things people do not see.

We buy Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products and Recycled or Sustainably Sourced Paper Goods where we can. We like to keep our place clean and there are no compromises - we source paper and cleaning products that do the job (not just salve our consciences). We have also made a pledge to use recycled or sustainably sourced copier paper, to recycle printer cartridges and where ever possible to avoid the need for superfluous printing.  

Several years ago we dispensed with single servings of jams, butters, shampoos, conditioners etc.  and all the little bits of associated plastic and packaging.  This was born as much out of consideration to those with compromised dexterity, as for the obvious environmental benefits - win - win.

Fair-trade Products - We love Yorkshire Tea!  Thankfully they have a responsible trading policy and we will continue to buy our tea from Taylors of Harrogate.  We will also buy Fair-trade hot chocolate and Fair-trade Coffee.