Access Statement for The Wimslow Guesthouse


The Wimslow is a Victorian Terraced Building with several steps to the front, and only, public entrance.   The building cannot be altered to provide a ramp to the front door owing to space constraints.

We have a 1st floor dining room

We do not have a lift.

Town centre is 25 minutes walk from the house

 It is essential any potential guest declare any special requirements so that we can ensure provisions match need and that there is no risk to the personal safety of either the guest or others. 
Main Entrance, Reception

Main entrance is access by several steps
Public Areas - Hall, Stairs, Landing, Corridors etc

• All doors are manually operated and self-closing for fire safety.
• All public areas and walkways are carpeted.
• Lighting is good day and night and the corridors are clear and unobstructed.
• The floor has a slight slope as a result of settled subsidence.
• Colour contrast is good for doorways and skirtings.

• The narrowest point in the ground floor hallway is a 72cm door frame with the rest of the hallway being 78cm plus wide.
• Clear signage “In Case Of Fire” is appropriately placed and evacuation instructions are placed on the back of each room door.  Time will be taken during check-in to ensure the guest understands the procedure as a further precaution. 
• There are no grab rails through the corridors or on landings, however handrails are present both sides of the stairs on the elevations. 
• The breakfast room on the first floor is accessed though a door from the stairwell.
• The tables are well spaced to allow easy access around.

Public WCs

Owing to the provision of ensuites in all the guest rooms, we do not have any additional toilet facilities.

 Bedrooms & Sleeping Areas

• We do not currently have a visual alert system linked to the fire alarm system and for this reason guests would be alerted by the responsible person on duty in the event of a fire.  If a guest with hearing impairment stays, we commit to ensuring there is a hearing person on site 24hrs a day for the duration of their stay.
• The Guest House has settled subsidence and as a consequence, like many old buildings, has a slope to some of its floors.  What may be seen as quaint and typical of its age by some, may be seen as an obstacle to those who have impaired balance.

Assistance dogs only   

Additional Information

• We ask those considering a stay with us to contact us before booking and discuss in detail as to whether, or not, we can meet their needs.
• We can cater for special diets with good advanced notice.  Let us know what you like to eat!
Address:  The Wimslow
                  374 Marine Road East 
                  LA4 5AH
Telephone:  01524 417804
Email:  [email protected]
Emergency number:  07811284921 

Contact Telephone and Email Address

We welcome your feedback to help us continually improve if you have any comments please phone 01524417804 or email [email protected]